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tv   [untitled]    March 10, 2013 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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please visit this site >> i live in crestmont drive. although my house it the last in the street as mike dictated it will be blocked by the new buildings and my criteria is going to be cut. i moved to the i see about 8 years ago and to the neighborhood 4 years ago and this is my first encounter. so i want to thank you for let me speak. i have to say my experience with the ss they were very politely and accommodating. i don't want your concerns were
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answered. we're talking about the traffic in the streets and they came back with a bunch of statistics. everyday i need to stop at the site and wait for someone else to go through. also there were a bunch of works about other projects like that but i think it's like comparing apples and oranges. the houses in crestmont drive do have a backyard so if you're not in the how's your in the street and there's children playing in the street everyday. another certain is about the density and the slides the hazards and they came back with a bunch of lawyer stuff and
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insurance - i think the answer was that we're insured for 12 months that means in my house claps collapses in 13 months -- my question is if that doesn't happen why not offer 10 years of insurance and let us not deal with issues. i think the only thing i have to say it's a simple case of the little sense against the big company that has a lot of money. i look at you guys. all i need to know is someone is watching my back and watching our interests against those companies. thank you very much >> next speaker.
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i'm going to call a couple of names. paula, john, john, john, stephanie. good morning commissioners i'm amy i live at devonshire way right at the corner down the block from crestline. i'm thankful that you have listening to my neighbors. i would ask that you consider the concerns of the folks. we're the folks who are going to be living through the construction and living with the traffic and safety issues because this project may or may not be built. and my fellow neighbor who
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mentioned the traffic issues from one home have been considerable. the maps you've been shown on designate that crestmont has two streets that will funnel into that. but this project is located closer to filth oath than warren drive. i understand there was issues with the owner of the apartment building. but i would echo something it is pedestrian traffic to the avenue. and also, if possible in the greatest scheme of things if there were road access to the
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after it would benefit the residents of the construction and the resident of crestmont because it's such a long way to drive. and being on that corner i see a lot of cars not stopping at the stop sign. so my main certain echo my neighbors before the construction and after the construction of this project. thank you >> good afternoon commissioner i'm jeffrey. i'm president of the homeowners association i live on crestmont drive. my comments today are in regards to the error. i feel that the planning commission have done a thorough
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job >> excuse me. sir, if you're comments are to the eir then that's closed. >> i'm sorry my mistake. i feel that the comments we've brought have been theoretical addressed and various reports and studies hover i feel that one measure is common sense that's not been utility. our concerns are based on those paroles. it's our belief that a visit to this site will show you the traffic and fire and the safety and density and i respectfully request that any final vote be
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postponed until all commissioners can visit the site. >> good morning my name is jennifer and i live on crestmont drive. i appreciate your allowing comments. i've lived there for 20 years. it will turn the street in front of my house into a three-way congested parking on the narrow crestmont drive. we are concerned about the quality of our live but it falls on deaf ears. the error response that we
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received a week or two ago show that crestmont is not in compliance for this project. the street was built before the safety code was approved and thus, the eir say that the project is not in compliance. crestmont drive is a narrow road bordered by the forest. it's being did he taped by the city. it's very narrow and it winds to 28 feet. cars are illegal parked and some residents illegally park in front of their homes.
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street parking is a net for the residents and should not be restricted hover i'm concerned it will not allow especially fire ladder trucks to get through the area. cars park on both sides of the street and from the density of the traffic i only know it will get worse. the parking open crestmont varies by the parking during the day and night. i urge the city to ask the developer to bare the expense so that is legally in compliance to two-way traffic. if this cannot be done i urge
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the planning commission to reduce the size of the project. thank you 2350ur consideration >> thank you good afternoon commissioners. >> i live in the middle of crestmont. >> excuse me, sir state your name for the record. >> john. we have a block party everyday i know everybody on the block. most of the people had this subject of this ongoing development has come up every year and i don't know of any individuals that's in favor of that. i certainly would like to see the numbers on people who are in favor of it. we don't have speed bumps and we don't want them.
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so i felt this was kind of unfair. the development itself is a good developments somewhere else. on a narrow twisting road like that there's no emergency egress there's only one road and it's uphill. the 16 units make a lot of sense. maybe they should come back when it's economic and feasible to build something that's in size and scope. the over all majority was built by standard developers.
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we're going to have our property values going down. i think my preference would be to billed nothing there until he, widen the street or they're going to build something there i know you need the development. the 16 units make sense. this big thing does not. and if you haven't been detain there drive and try to turn around. i think you'll see this doesn't make sense. thank you >> good morning commissioners thank you. my name is john. i live at forest and it's at the
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lower part of forest drive. when you presented diagrams in the developers they admitted something very important there are 3 large investments kirkland heights will be o milled and other apartment which i live. he wonder if the reason it was emitted is in the back of my mind the 50 apartments, in my apartment is a few yards away from the mountain. i wonder in the reason it was omitted is along the property lines from one end to another will be an open basketball court and a fir engine turn around. is that the reason it was
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omitt omitted? you should - that place is a fly over in which you'll see all kinds of animals like raccoons and it's very, very upsetting during the night to hear them murdering each other. that's my statement. thank you very much >> gmg members of the commission. my wife and i own the property on crestmont drive. i'm here to oppose the project. i come from an extended family of about 25 san francisco
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firefighters clul my father who served on the san francisco fire department. my main certain is fire safety. members of the commission this project is unsafe from a fire standpoint. basically because the fir people call the escape route is grossly inadequate. first of all, the san francisco fire code provides that i must have an assess road or an escape route a minute of 25 feet wide unobstructed.
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this project allows parking on both sides of the street that reduce the width of the road to rou roughly 15 to 16 feet. this project is flat out in violation of the san francisco fire code in that the roads escape roads are not 20 feet wide unobstructed and continuance. the second point equally important is anybody who has studied forest areas first of all, it's dangerous to have only one escape route but if you have an escape route that is less than 20 feet wide it's asking for problems.
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example one is the height lands disfavor in 1991 in the oakland fire. that particular tragedy was that people tried to leave. 11 people died including 6 going in their cars trying to get out. this particular assess road is unsafe and it should be denied. i appeal to our discretion. thank you >> thank you. >> good morning members of the commission i'm stephanie. i live in the corresponding mount apartment. i'd like to speak to the potential danger of the
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instability of the hillside on which this project is to go built. several years ago there was a land side on court reporting land street. that's now covered over by concrete that was placed through in order to shore up the hillside. the fifth avenue building was undermined by that landslide. it was very scary to all of us and the hillside on where this project is to be built is very steep. as one of the gentlemen before
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me mentioned that building was left off of the illustration of the project that was to be built and i also have to ask why that building was left off the project. i didn't intend to speak this afternoon so pardon me i'm not a speaker. this project is not only dangerous took the people who are above but below the project. this frightens me, it frightens other members of the complex and the community above us. i'd like to echo others that you
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take into account this before you make your decision. thank you >> i'm pamela. i didn't catch that you called me arrest i'm a long time resident of the kirkland project. first this is unstable rakes role off the hills. the rocks are quite heavy and i branch out you a sample of those if you wish to check out the rocks. this was easy they were in the middle of the street. my second point is that when he think about crestmont drive you think about the oakland hills fire of 1991 which other people
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have braubl i brought up. many of the roads prevented fire trucks to get into areas to correct fire hoses. in 1991 fire trucks had to wined their ways to the hills and residents found themselves stick crowd with the traffic. 34 families at the end of this narrow street it could be a disfav disastrous. >> is there any other public
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comment? come up. >> i live on okay park drive. i want to respond to a couple of the speaks that said this development will keep families in san francisco. i don't know of any families that could afford a house that costs $1.8 million. today? anyway that's all i have to say >> thank you. >> good morning. i'm leslie i live on la begin street. i'm here today to oppose this project. i am a good friend with a family that lives on crestmont.
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i've been up there over 20 years and helped raise their children. this is a disaster waiting to happen. i'm - i've read the reports and echo all the sentiments about the testimony that's been given so far. this is so unsafe it jeopardizes the health and safety of the people in this neighborhood. i believe that taking down 8 hundred and 80 trees is not a good thing. i don't understand why every skier foot of the land in the
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city has to be developed. it is a really bad, bad project. and you this planning commission has the chance right now to stand behind the neighborhood to support them not the developer. support the neighborhood and say we're behind this unless major changes are accepted by you. i'd like to ask you just is non-no on this once. this is a very, very bad project. i'm very concerned about it. thank you >> mark, laura and john. >> my name is john i've been a
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long time resident. i oppose this project. the forest that we use a wonderful and beautiful and the fact that the land and that hillside is so unstable, bolders come down all the time. as they say 24 duplex and 10 units and 10 years per unit is so many cars. and the traffic up there like they said is going to be impossible i urge you to take into account this. this project is too big and too massive. and the renovations don't show
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what's going on. thank you. >> come on up. >> my name is laura. i live in the apartments. i look out to the forest. i look out my living room window to the forest. apparently if those apartments are built i'll be looking into another apartment development. i am on disability. i happen to know there's 12 other families in that particular area. it's very hard for me to think
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of incurring what goes on to think of the new buildings. it's a very limited area of the woods. i can't imagine how they're going to fit housing and others things in that area. thank you >> thank you, thank you for linking to us. i'm mark you live on crestmont drive. after hearing all my neighbors i want to echo all that they're saying please, please reconsidering it's a very narrow widening road. at the very least accompany and looking at this. i hope you'll give that some
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thut. thank you >> any additional public comment. >> thank you. i have been a resident of west of twin peaks i'm have famous with the area. i've been there many times and i visited with the neighbors and have had a couple of occasions in the past few years. i've walked the sites. it's always struck me as odd there's development on the bottom of fifth avenue and 6 avenue. the other development is on crestmont at the top of the hill and there's nothing in between.
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there it was never developed because the middle section that was not developed. a little bit of history byu both citywide and pardon me that kind of explains my position on this thing. not unlike the situation after the earthquake we rebuilt san francisco we built a lot of big apartment buildings because this was a growing workforce. it's appropriate we need the density but i think one of the beautiful things l about san francisco we have divert however, there's another part of this whole


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